About Lucy

Lucy is a beauty photographer based in Sydney, Australia. She has been listed as a Top 10 photographer twice in 2019, (Wink's Top 10 Photographers to book in 2019 and Australia's Top Models Top 10 Fashion Photographers in Sydney) and is signed to The Concierge Agency.

Her aesthetic is clean, minimal and dreamy. She loves capturing glowing skin, vibrant colours and strong gazes. 

Lucy photographs for En-route, and her work has been featured in Lucy's, Scorpio Jin and Vulkan, and on the covers of Fen Hong Se and Subvrt magazines. Her clients include MECCA, M.A.C and Elle Effect.

Some of Lucy's career highlights include shooting New York Fashion Week, being commissioned to create work in Berlin, Paris and Greece, and launching Luxe Headshots

Lucy's favourite things are small dogs, naps in the sunshine, black coffee and laughing until it hurts.

Ready to book a shoot with Lucy? Email Danielle at The Concierge Agency today.

"Fashion photography 

is the dream department of photography"

- Tim Walker

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