Last week I finally emerged from the retouching cave and did a quick concept shoot with Berlin based designer Teresa Kreher. We spent a bit of time earlier in the week coming up with a plan, but as with most shoots, once we got to the location new ideas formed and we ended up playing in a kids park. We had heaps of fun there and the resulting photos were fun and sweetly innocent.

When it got to post-processing, I was excited to try out some really playful colour shifts. Earlier this year I saw an incredible exhibition in London featuring the Deutsche Börse prize winner Richard Mosse, and his rich fuschia and psychedelic strawberry coloured infrared landscapes. (Definitely take a look now!) I also love this dreamy work from Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva, which I think uses similar methods of painted in post-produced layers to achieve a magical, surreal impression of the world.Teresa is a bubbling bundle of hyperactive joy, so naturally she suits a bubblegum candyland of colour. I’m really happy with the outcome and so is she :)
I’d like to develop this idea into a full editorial soon, so watch this space !

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