Rhys Kenny and I directed and filmed this incredible video for Saskwatch for their December Nights track. It was really fun to create - we retimed the clip at double its speed, so the song was about 1:30 long and sounded really chipmunky! We then shot this at 50fps (double the frames) and then slowed the whole thing down in post. So in real life we were racing through this crazy obstacle course, but once we slowed it all down, it got this dreamy, ethereal feel which I love. We shot about 14 takes and were all EXHAUSTED at the end, but the final shot was the winner and we think its pretty perfect. I love that you can rewatch this so many times and find something new in each rewatch.

Rhys had this to say: 

Saskwatch’s impressive new one-take video follows the group as they gallivant and play around a sunny race track, and perform their soulful jams. The candid choreography of characters through the clip - including skaters, cyclists, rollerbladers and water gun wielders - creates a sense of vibrancy and spontaneity which heightens it’s feel-good atmosphere.

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