Last week I met up with Berlin comedian George Schorschi to shoot a new set of headshots for him. He wanted some more simple shots (including a business shot), as well as some more animated fun shots.

They came out really beautifully - maybe because my trusty sidekick Jannica was there to hold the reflector!

If you are interested in getting some new headshots done please email me to plan a date :)


I see so many AMAZING photographers fall down at this step. A few small adjustments, a deliberately applied colour palette, and a classy crop can take an otherwise average photo to a whole new level. Even if you aren’t normally keen on editing images, your photography still deserves the attention and care that will ensure it stands out magnificently.

Below are a few reveals of my recent photoshoots before and after some Lucy magic:

The Beauty Retouch:

This image went from average to amazing with some blemish & stray hair removal, skin smoothing, colour toning and corrected highlights and shadows.

I love how dramatic the overhaul is on this set! A new colour palette defines the mood so much better, and a few gentle adjustments to the face and arm result in a dreamy, whimsical image without any distractions.

The Realistic Retouch:

This is such a great illustration of how important retouching is to getting the right final outcome from your photo. The image is quite boring and bland before, but by warming up her skin tone, and brightening the background the image is instantly friendlier. Smoothing bags from under the eyes (without losing natural definition!) , contouring the lips and adding some gentle highlights give this headshot a gorgeous end result.

The Fashion Retouch:

From a boring snapshot to romantic perfume / pearl / glove ad!
The beautiful details of the face are enhanced, muddy tones smoothed out and made overall more vibrant. By painting in brighter, warmer tones in the background and selectively lightening the outfit so the jacket doesn’t melt away, the entire image is instantly more appealing.

Again, adjusting the colour tones (and selectively masking them in as required) makes a phenomenal difference. Gentle highlights enhance shape and form, and the right crop makes the shot pop.

The Conceptual Retouch:

Usually I would say the key to retouching is to keep it SUBTLE! But occasionally the point of the project is to go nuts and have fun, as with the example below.


So. It’s spring in Australia. I am decidedly fresher and feeling much better after a bit of a perspective shake up.

Outside in Berlin however, it’s VERY, absolutely autumn. I think this could be the first time I’ve been in Europe for fall? It’s ludicrously beautiful, and I have the sweetest cinema seating on my balcony to see the whole production.

I have a whole bunch of sparkly new goals to knock out this week, here’s what I’m listening to:

Howling: Howling (Âme Remix)

Glass Animals: Gooey

BTW - The Gilligan Moss remix of this is also amazing, but I still like the original just a little better

Sorcha Richardson: Alone (David K & Lexer Remix)

Band Of Horses: The Funeral (Lexer Remix)

Yep another Lexer remix, because anything remixed by Lexer = NOMNOMNOMMMMMM

FKA Twigs: Two Weeks

This girl is about to explode in popularity - seriously watch this space! I wish she had more of LP1 on youtube, but when you get a chance also listen to Lights On!




Last week I had an incredible time shooting portraits for super beautiful French model/DJ Angel Lebailly.

My beautiful assistant Jannica helped out on the day and in the end we ended up with toooooo many beautiful shots! You can see the top picks in my portfolio but I also wanted to share a few of the other beautiful images here as well.

Angel is one half of Jeange, and you can listen to her sweet sounds here, and I recommend you do! She is my musical guru, and always tells me the best places to head out in Berlin!x


I seem to approach each New Year like I do each monday. Full of hope and unbridled ambition. Super stupid enthusiasm. And I think from the last three years I’ve hit every August like a dull Wednesday. Depressed. Lost. Confused. Uninspired. Broke. Wondering what happened. Crippling under the weight of silent rejections, and things far from my control. And most likely depleted from excessive partying in July. But apparently still positive if you ask this guy:

PARTY TIP: Staying positive doesn’t mean you don’t feel sad or scared sometimes, it just means you keep on going anyway” - Andrew WK

It’s a nice definition. I don’t know if anyone even reads this blog… But I guess it’s quite cathartic to let this all out. I wanted to share three of the nice videos that got me through some weird and tough times. Regardless of what you do with your life:

Sue Bryce: Confronting Fear

Zac Arias: Transform

Brené Brown: Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count

Looking forward to riding the wave back up.



I think I’m addicted to this song, I listen to it an unhealthy amount… Sorry to my neighbour!

Tom Odell : Another Love (Zwette Edit)

I am LOVING all TheSoundYouNeed remixes at the moment. Deliciously fresh.

Tracy Chapman: Give Me One Reason (The Tailors Djs Remix)

Aaron Smith: Dancin (KRONO Remix)

Seeing this tomorrow night at Farbfernseher Berlin! Yay!

Daniel Wang: Free Lovin’

Banks: Warm Water

Bon Apetit! x


Last week I finally emerged from the retouching cave and did a quick concept shoot with Berlin based designer Teresa Kreher. We spent a bit of time earlier in the week coming up with a plan, but as with most shoots, once we got to the location new ideas formed and we ended up playing in a kids park. We had heaps of fun there and the resulting photos were fun and sweetly innocent.

When it got to post-processing, I was excited to try out some really playful colour shifts. Earlier this year I saw an incredible exhibition in London featuring the Deutsche Börse prize winner Richard Mosse, and his rich fuschia and psychedelic strawberry coloured infrared landscapes. (Definitely take a look now!) I also love this dreamy work from Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva, which I think uses similar methods of painted in post-produced layers to achieve a magical, surreal impression of the world.Teresa is a bubbling bundle of hyperactive joy, so naturally she suits a bubblegum candyland of colour. I’m really happy with the outcome and so is she :)
I’d like to develop this idea into a full editorial soon, so watch this space !


This weeks faves, getting me through some BABETOWN projects that I can’t wait to release!

Nicolas Jaar: And I Say

BASTILLE feat. Ella: No Angels (TLC vs The XX)

Pogo: Go Out And Love Someody

Ornette: Crazy (Nôze remix)

Niki & The Dove: Mother’s Protect (Goldroom Remix)

Tipotheus: Bonobo / Nicolas Jaar / Chet Faker - 1:51 hour Set

This last one is for if you have lotttttts of retouching to work through! Two tasty hours.

Enjoy! x


I had the absolute pleasure of shooting for one of Berlin’s most amazing jewellery designers earlier this year, Theda Itzenga. She hand casts interesting things such as vintage 50’s plates and dishes, and breathes new life into them as resin or porcelain jewellery! She also hand casts the silver herself… She explained how she does it to me and although I can’t remember the precise details I was really seriously impressed with the skill and dedication you need to create something like that.Judyta S. from Ellin Models was my radiant, beaming model for the day, and Berlin’s chirpiest Makeup artist, Jane Jakobi, made sure she looked her best.

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